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Flying Emirates via Dubai

Flying Emirates via Dubai

The first time I flew Emirates, I was very happy with the service. My second experience has not changed my mind. To get the most of your flight, take a few seconds to read below.

Seat booking: When booking the ticket, you can select your favorite seat at the same time. At no additional cost.

Online check in: Check in online, and you can deliver your luggage at a dedicated counter at the airport, and avoid the longer queue.

Luggage: You are allowed to bring 30 kg checked luggage (if you really want to carry all that…), divided in as many pieces as you like.

Food and drinks: Both are included in the ticket in all classes.

Entertainment: Every seat has its own screen, with lots of movies, TV-shows, live news, radio, games and more.

Internet: If you are not entertained yet, most of the long haul flights have internet access. You get two hours for free, and can buy more time, starting from 6,99 $.

A brilliant detail: As I always (thankfully!) tend to sleep on planes I sometimes miss the meals. But, Emirates have different stickers you can place at your seat, letting the crew know if you want to sleep, or if they should wake you up. I love that!

Transit: Dubai airport is nice, clean and modern looking, with different shops and restaurant.

The great bonus: Most people does probably not know this, but if you fly Emirates and have 4 hours or more in transit, you will get a free meal voucher. If you ask for it, that is. Go to one of the Emirates information desks and get the voucher. They are valid at a selection of restaurants at terminal 1 and 3. Nice to know! UPDATE – Unfortunately, Emirates does no longer offer the free food vouchers.

Overnight transit: Not exclusively offered when flying Emirates, but still a great tip. If you have transit overnight (or just feel tired), get some sleep in one of the snooze cubes located at terminal that you can book by the hour. I haven’t tried it myself yet, but I have booked one on my way home. Stay tuned.
Read how it was staying overnight in a Snooze Cube!

Transit during the day: If you have an even longer transit, get the most of it, and go downtown to explore a bit of the city. See my blog post from Dubai for tips what to do. Taxis and buses are available around the clock, while the Dubai Metro has scheduled departures at Terminal 1 and 3.

Enjoy your flight!

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