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Charming Colmar!

Charming Colmar!

I immediately fell in love when we entered the old town and saw the colourful half-timbered houses.
Colmar by nightWeekly folklore music and dancing in the street in Colmar
Stumbling upon the weekly folklore music and dancing in the street also gave a lively feel to the atmosphere.

During daytime the city appeared a little more touristy, but definitely still very beautiful. Wandering around just soaking in the mood while looking at the beautiful colourful houses, every single one with their own details.
The tourist information provide a map with a suggested route. We followed that to a certain extent, including our own detours and pit-stops.
Charming Colmar 1
Charming Colmar 2Charming Colmar 3
Charming Colmar 5
Charming Colmar 6
Seeking shelter from the rain, we went for a snack and a beer in the covered market. It could easily have been a very touristy, but it was still ok.

Right behind the market we came to the highlight of the exploring; the area called “little Venice”. Yes, it is probably the most visited area in the city, but I really also understand why! The half-timbered houses, all in different bright colours were mirrored in the river passing by. And the flowers planted on the railing by the waterfront, made it even more lively.
Little Venice in charming Colmar 1
Little Venice in charming Colmar 2
Little Venice in charming Colmar 3
Little Venice in charming Colmar 4
If you wish to see the houses from the water, there are small boats that can take you. We figured it was just as nice not doing that.

Finishing off with a fun fact; the creator of New York’s Statue of Liberty, Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, is from Colmar, and the house he was born is turned into a museum. One of the highlights is a full-size plaster model of the statue’s left ear!

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