Staying overnight at YOTELAIR at Schiphol

Premium cabin at YOTELAIR at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Premium cabin at YOTELAIR at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

You have probably all experienced it, long connections at the airport between flights. Long layovers can be a pain in the ass, but it does not have to be like that. 

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is a major connecting hub, and for many visitors that means long layovers, often in connection with long and exhausting flights. Make most of the time and get some nice rest by check in at YOTELAIR for a few hours, or even for the night.  

Entering what I named the pink light district, the dimmed light and the absence of sounds gave me an instant feeling I would have a good night sleep. Unlike the red-light district downtown, you come here for rest, not different kinds of entertainment. The room can be rented by the hour, or you can spend the whole night. Just remember to shut the window blinds so you do not become the entertainment…

The room is well exploited, and has everything you need. The bed is made up as a couch when you enter, with a folding table just in front of it. Above that, there is a TV, and several electric sockets including USB, to fit all zones. Genius in case you sent your adapter in the checked luggage…

If you did not send any luggage and have a fair share of carry-on, there is a lot of space for your belongings under the bed. 

The bathroom is surprisingly spacious, with a huge monsoon rain shower, and body wash and shampoo included. The restroom is separated with a glass wall, but there is a curtain to cover it up. If you prefer more privacy, you can send your travel partner to the reception to sit and enjoy the free coffee, tea or hot chocolate that is served 24 hours.

The bathroom in a Premium cabin at YOTELAIR at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. There is also a monsoon rain shower.

The bathroom in a Premium cabin at YOTELAIR at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. There is also a monsoon rain shower.

We arrived around 21.30, and I was honestly surprised that all the shops and restaurants were closed already. We had eaten dinner at the last airport, but if you are hungry, it is good to know that you can order food and drinks at the reception 24/7.

Are you the same as me, always a light sleeper when you know you have to wake up early and do not completely trust your mobile to wake you? The reception provide you an extra alarm clock, just in case.

Then it is time to flatten out the bed by using the electronic buttons on the side, and tuck yourself in for a good night (or some hours) sleep in the comfortable bed.

Just remember to calculate time to exit the passport control in the morning…

How to get there:
If you arrive at A, B, C or D, you have to go through the passport control to get to YOTELAIR. If you arrive late it might seem closed, but there will be a security guard there to let you through. Once you get through, go upstairs, as YOTELAIR is situated more or less just above the passport control.

Are you not flying through Schiphol? Do not despair; you find YOTELAIR at London Heathrow and Gatwick and at Charles de Gaulle in Paris as well.

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26 thoughts on “Staying overnight at YOTELAIR at Schiphol

  1. That’s so awesome that you can rent the room by the hour! I’m seeing more and more of these at airports all over the world. It’s so crazy that so many restaurants in such busy places close so early. One of my pet peeves when starving during travels!


  2. Thanks for sharing this. I usually get most of my layovers at Schiphol and usually torn on what to do or where to stay so this is uber helpful. I wonder how much it costs to stay there though? I’ll definitely look into that.
    travel | lifestyle | passion


  3. This is nice, a place to sleep right in the airport? Good to know if a long layover there ever happens and you need a rest. I always hated the idea of going outside of the airport and trying to find my way around if it’s just to sleep for the night.


  4. Looks like a convenient place to stay for a few hours. It’s frustrating when shops and restaurants close early at airports – surely they should stay open whenever there are people travelling through?


  5. This looks awesome! Sure beats sleeping on uncomfortable airport chairs overnight. I recently slept at Heathrow on an overnight layover and would’ve been 100x more comfortable somewhere like this! If I ever have to take an overnight layover in Amsterdam, I am definitely staying here!


  6. Never heard about it, but this looks very decent.
    Remembers me of the hotel I sometimes use when I’m in Stockholm: No windows, rather small, but just very comfy for a quiet night of good sleep.


  7. First time I heard of this. It looks cozy and comfortable and I like that you can rent it by the hour. Really helpful and convenient than the benches in the airport. 🙂


    • Absolutely! My days of finding other quiet spots to try to sleep at airports are over. Now I always search for terminal hotels. So it is good to know already that YOTELAIR is also located at Heathrow, Gatwick and CDG in Paris 🙂


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