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Hostel behaving rules

When traveling solo, I mainly stay in hostels. It is a great way to meet new people either for short conversations or ending up hanging out for a while exploring, and even continue the travel together.

The following suggested hostel behaving rules, were written after being woken up in the middle of the night in a hostel dorm.

1. Great the people you meet in your room (and the hostel in general).
2. Use the bed you are designated, not the one you might like better.
3. It might be smart to leave some personal belongings on your bed. In case someone in your room does not follow point nr. 2.
4. Unpack the things you need to get ready for bed before leaving the room. You never know what time your room mates will go to sleep, and when you suddenly end up getting back much later than planned.
5. Never snooze the alarm clock!
6. Do not switch on the main light in the middle of the night when others are sleeping.
7. Turn your phone on silent.
8. In case you need to repack at odd times (at night and early morning), bring your bag outside the room.
9. Do not bring guest to your room. Especially new friends… (Yes, the others can hear you…) (And walls are often thin if you have a private room…).

Do you have anything else to add on the list?

2 thoughts on “Hostel behaving rules”

  • Oh oh, bad experience?

    For me it depends on the destination if hostel, b&b or boutique hotel.
    In Canada hostel is often the only affordable option and I experienced similar things to those you described. In Asia I nowadays avoid hostels – or book my own room there. So I can experience the social aspect at a hostel, but have “peace” at night.

    • Absolutely, it totally depends. I have also had private rooms in hostels, but usually it is no problem for me to sleep quite well in dorms as well 🙂

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