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Driving from Brasov to Sighisoara via Fagaras

Driving from Brasov to Sighisoara via Fagaras

As a tourist, it is not about finding the fastest route from A to B, but what you experience along the way. Heading from Brasov to Sighisoara, we therefor decided to go via Fagaras and visit the castle. It was closed though (again, check opening hours…), but it was beautiful to just walking around the moat, with the castle mirrored in the water.

The castle in Fagaras The castle in Fagaras

Continuing, we drove the countryside road 104D between Fagaras and Sighisoara, through beautiful landscape shifting between charming villages and green meadows with flocks of sheep. Occasionally they decided to cross the road, forcing us to take it easy and enjoying the scenery even more. Suddenly the open fields changed to dense forest, before it opened up again, revealing yet another charismatic village with colorful rundown houses. Some of them even dating back to the 1800s.

Take Barcut for example. The houses were perfectly lined up along both sides of the road. Children were playing carefree in the street. Elderly people hanging outside their houses, watching the slow village life as it is passing by, as well as the horse and carriage that suddenly appeared from a side street. A sheep dog off duty were strolling along the street. We kind of would have needed him right after, when we were stuck between a flock of sheep surrounding the car. But then again, we were in no hurry. That however, is a keyword. Time. Always expect to need more time than planned. Both due to the pleasant fact that there is so much to see along the way, but also the less fun fact that road conditions are not always the best, and you have to drive zigzag to escape the holes.

One of many green meadows with flocks of sheep A flock of sheep crossing the road Typical village along the way Typical village along the way Typical village along the way Elderly people outside their houses

A flock of sheep in the road. Where is the sheep dog when you need him
Where is the sheep dog when you need him?

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  • Unfortunately, in Fagaras there isn’t much else to see…maybe the old high school Radu Negru or the traditional houses. The area around the city has a lot of offer though, many beautiful, traditional villages, the rolling hills of Transylvania and of course, the Fagaras mountains 🙂

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