Local bars in Colombo

Want to know the locals? Go to the bars they hang out instead of the fancy ones. After the food tour we got some tips for local bars, and ended up visiting Castle Bar and The White Horse, just a short tuktuk ride apart.

Castle bar is located in the hotel with the same name, right next to the railway tracks just after crossing over to Slave Island. Or, it used to be a hotel, but three years ago, the hotel guests moved out from the more than one hundred year old house.

The small details all around witness of the heydays, and the double stairs leading up to the next floor, must have been beautiful back then.

The White Horse seem to be situated in a little more business like area, so when we arrived it was dark all over. However, it was lively inside, and the friendly bartender served us beer. Lion, off course.

If you prefer the high class fancy bars, don’t even think about it. But if you are looking for a local experience and talking with the locals about the many perspectives of life, this is it!

Experienced in January 2015. 

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