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Sopot and Gdansk

Sopot and Gdansk

Sopot and Gdansk are two of three cities on the Baltic seaside of Poland, often known as Tricity. They are all very different. Sopot is situated by the long stretched beach, being a popular place for relaxing and retreat. The old Hanseatic town Gdansk is larger, with the old town packed with the lovely colourful houses I just can’t seem to get enough of. In addition, it is known for the many shipyards. Gdynia is a more industrialized city, and also the place where our boat to Karlskrona will leave from. All in all, they complete each other.

We decided to stay in Sopot, as I really needed to be able to swim in the sea! Finding a cheap apartment centrally located in the main street Monte Cassino, was just perfect. At least that is what I thought in the beginning. Monte Cassino 50 apartment was situated in a backyard, so we luckily got away from the party in the street. Both the young and the old we met later seemed to have had way too much to drink. To be honest, I was quite disappointed. I have been here before, both in winter and spring, and the atmosphere was so much nicer then. By all means, if you are after a place to hang out on the beach during the day, and party hard at night, this is definitely an alternative. Damn I feel old writing this!

We, on the other hand, just wanted to find some nice bars with people sitting talking, while enjoying a beer. It appeared to be much harder than expected, but finally we discovered the small beer house Małe Piwko with nice atmosphere.

In the morning, I at least got to feel the sea water on my skin. Finally!
Finally swimming in the ocean again! In Sopot Poland Sopot Beach
Sopot beach. Sopot Monte Cassino
Leaving our bags in the car at the guarded car park, we took the train to Gdansk. It runs very frequently, and from Sopot to Gdańsk Główny (the end station), it takes about 20 minutes. It is also possible to take a boat between the two cities, but there are limited departures, so check in advance.

Gdansk old town was just as pretty as I remembered, only a bit more crowed as it is high season, but not too much. But I must admit; after travelling through Europe, seeing so many stunning places, we were both quite filled with impressions. A bit sad, and unfear to beautiful Gdansk.
The old Hanseatic town Gdansk in Poland The old Hanseatic town Gdansk in Poland 8 The old Hanseatic town Gdansk in Poland 7 The old Hanseatic town Gdansk in Poland 5 The old Hanseatic town Gdansk in Poland 4 The old Hanseatic town Gdansk in Poland 6 The old Hanseatic town Gdansk in Poland 3 The old Hanseatic town Gdansk in Poland 2 Gdansk in Poland

4 thoughts on “Sopot and Gdansk”

  • Det ser jo bare sååå flott ut der! Elsker arkitekturen i Gdansk. Det frister jo veldig med en tur dit når det både er billig og kort (og billig) reisetid! Det virker som du har vært mange steder i Polen, hvilken by/sted sitter du igjen med som “favoritt”? Jeg har bare vært i Krakow selv, men kunne veldig gjerne tenke meg å se mer av landet 🙂

    • Jeg tror kanskje jeg holder en knapp på Poznan, det er en mindre by, men samtidig mye å by på. Samtidig har Krakow masse historie, på godt og vondt, og mange spennede distrikter. Før jeg dro til Gdansk første gang hadde jeg en fullstendig annen oppfatning om hvordan det skulle se ut, og ble mildt sagt positivt overrasket. Som du sikkert forstod er jeg ikke like imponert over Sopot. Konklusjonen er vel egentlig at absolutt, du må se mer av landet! 🙂

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