We started off sailing for a few hours before the wind disappeared. Going by engine for a little while, we finally stopped for a cooling swim outside Aegina Marina on the island of Aegina. We prepared lunch on board, before heading towards Vathi.

Vathi is a small fishing village on the Methana Peninsula that is a part of Peloponnese. As it is attached to the mainland, it is also possible to get there by car. The charming village has some small fishing boats and a few taverns along the harbor, but no shop, so there is a small van coming every morning with groceries. If you come by car instead of boat, there are a few rooms for rent. It is the perfect place for finding peace and quiet.
Harborside in Vathi
One of the attractions nearby is the volcano. Or at least, what they call the volcano. The owner of one of the taverns drove us up in the mountains. From where he left us, it was about 15 min uphill walk along a very pleasant trail with great views. The landscape can pass as volcanic, but when we arrived at what was supposed to be the volcano, I was really more a cave. So if you expect a volcano you will be disappointed, but if you settle for a nice cave and breathtaking views along the way, it is definitely worth the trip!
Fantastic view from the "volcano"-trip
The harbor has room for approximately 15 visiting boats, and the managing tavern also offer toilets and showers included in the harbor-fee.
Vathi harbor

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