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Sail away!

Sail away!

Sailing is a great way to explore an area, so we gathered a group of friends and rented a sailboat. Including a captain, that is. It is off course possible to rent your own boat, but as none of us are capable to take charge and manoeuvre the boat safely, that was what we had to do. And even if we could, I think it is a better experience to have a captain that knows the area and where to go.

Our booking was arranged by Nautic Sailing, a Norwegian company that use their local contacts.

We arrived at the pier in Alimos/Kalamaki marina and were introduced to our captain, Tomasz. We talked briefly about what we planned for the next week, and agreed to see where the wind would take us.

The experience when we were shopping for food and beverages was absolutely fantastic. A car picked us up at the pier and took us to the beverage store. We chose what we wanted and paid there, and they would transport it to the boat. Another car picked us up, and took us to the grocery shop. The driver was waiting while we were shopping, and took us back when we were done. Very smooth, and the service was included. Very professional.

As a few of us had been on a similar sailing trip in Croatia a few years ago, we had experienced that the best solution is to make breakfast and lunch on board. That way you are free to stop for lunch wherever suites you. It is also wise to have some extra food, in case something unexpected happens and you do not get to the port with the restaurants you planned.

Our boat was a 45,1 foot Sun Odyssey (2001) named Meridien. She had four double cabins, but if needed it would be possible to sleep in the salon. Even though it was an “old” boat, it was in good shape.

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