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Minsk by night

Minsk by night

Minsk sure has a lively nightlife. By knowing a local, I already had someone screening the places not to go, but more importantly; who know the places to go that are not obvious. There are bars hidden in what looks like government buildings, and also museum look-alike. Alternatively, just in an attic, where we found our favorite.

Cherdak bar first gave me the wrong impression by being a slow, relaxed bar with nice drinks. The two latter applied the following two days as well, but slow certainly was not the case then. The DJ was playing in the corner of the dance floor, and everybody seemed to have a great time!

There are so many places to go, however we were centered around the old town.

Insomnia (Gertsena str 1): In case you wonder; I really love travelling! It goes without saying I instantly felt at home at Insomnia. There were several clocks telling the time at different places all around the world, and the chart above the bar listed names of cocktails as destinations are shown on departure boards at airports. The equality of airports does not stop here; the prices were a bit off as well.

Insomnia bar in Minsk, Belarus
Insomnia bar.
Would you like some vodka on the rocks?
Would you like some vodka on the rocks?…

Cherdak (Zybitskaya Vulitsa 9). Whether you prefer a tasty cocktail sitting in the lounge-like area, dancing or simply hang outside smoking or just talking to people, this is a great place. It is also one of the few bars in Belarus you are not allowed to smoke indoors. And the cocktails makes it even better!

Amazing drink at Cherdak bar in Minsk, Belarus
Amazing drink at Cherdak bar.

Cherdak bar in Minsk, Belarus
We also stopped by a few of the places in the old town, situated close to the riverside in the upper side. However, there are a few nice places at the lower end of the old town to start the evening. I recommend sitting outside if weather permits. My personal favorite spot by the riverside was Starovilenskaja Korchma Restoran (Staravilyenskaya Vulitsa 2).

And last but not least – “The view” (Pobediteley Ave 7A). Enjoy a nice drink with the best view of the city at “The View”. The name kind of give it away…. It is mainly a restaurant and closes at midnight, but it is a great place to start the evening.

A beer with a view! At The View in Minsk, Belarus
A beer with a view! At “The View”.

A great view of Minsk, Belarus seen from The View
Whatever you choose, I am sure you will be positively surprised by the bustling nightlife! Just keep in mind it goes on all through the night.

Hidden bars in Minsk, Belarus
You might not think so, but there are actually bars in both the building to the left, and the one to the far right. Not my favorites, though.

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