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800 stairs towards heaven

800 stairs towards heaven

Or in my case – to hell!

Walking (I definitely did not run, like many others) 315,5 meters more or less straight up can be quite painful. At least unless you are very fit.

Walkng up Stoltzekleiven in Bergen
Going up, up, up!

Exercising in Stoltzekleiven, commonly known as Stoltzen, is extremely popular. In September each year the uphill run called Stoltzekleiven Opp is arranged. During two days, almost 5000 persons compete to be the fastest to reach the top of the stairs. The official record runing up is 8:06. For women it is 9:35 Me? Let’s just say I was not even close….

But the view makes it all worth it! Don’t you agree?

On top of Stoltzekleiven in Bergen
Fantastic view from the top of Stoltzen!

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