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Koh Chang

Koh Chang

Beach at Siam Bay Resort, Koh Chang
I was a bit curious to see how much Koh Chang had changed since I visited 11 years ago. Back than it was not very developed, but the plans were certainly already made. Quite a lot was of course different, with many new hotels and places to stay, and the roads were absolutely better. Still I did not feel it was over crowded. At least not where we were staying.

At Koh Wai we met a woman just coming from Koh Chang, giving us a few tips where to stay. So getting on shore, we had already made up our mind where to tell the driver to take us. Again, the transfer was included in the boat ticket. Very practical.

Lonely Beach is everything but lonely, and is the main destination for backpackers. As we did not want to live in the party area, we had decided to stay at Siam Bay Resort, a little bit in the outskirts. On the map, it looked like it was situated just between Lonely Beach and Kai Bae Beach. To be honest I thought it was possible to walk along the beach from our place to Lonely Beach, but that was wrong. Not that it was a big problem; we just had to take a taxi to get around.

There are many things to do at Koh Chang, but to sum up out two days; beach, swim, book, good food, beer and beach strolling…

See what other activities you can do at Koh Chang.

Have you been to Koh Chang? How was your experience?

Beach view at Siam Bay Resort, Koh Chang Reading in the shade

This little fellow crawled on to my leg...
This little fellow crawled on to my leg…

The hard Singha life...

Stairs up to our room at Siam Bay Resort, Koh Chang
Stairs up to our room at Siam Bay Resort.
View from our room at Siam Bay Resort, Koh Chang
View from our room.

Nice Thai food

Too many bookings. Taking a nap!
Too many bookings. Taking a nap!

Experienced in April 2015. 

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  • Hi,

    Great pictures. I live on Koh Chang all year long but unlike you I wasn’t here 11 years ago. However I’ve seen pictures and I can understand how shocked people can be when they come back here so many later. Luckily the majority of Koh Chang is protected by its status of National Park so there are border that will never be crossed !

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