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20 hours in Luxembourg

20 hours in Luxembourg

Ever wondered what you could do if you only have a short time to spend in Luxembourg? Well, here you go!

19.58 Crossed the border from France to Luxembourg, of course much later than planned…

20.16 Getting lost trying to find the camping we intended to say.

20.39 Found an alternative.

20.45 Checked in at Luxembourg Youthhostel and were very happy we ended up there. We got a four-bedded en-suite room to ourselves.

21.01 Got tips where to eat and drink (and what to drink) from the very helpful man in the reception.

21.11 Walked up the steep pedestrian path, continuing towards the old city center.

21.30 Walked a narrow back alley leading to a small square. Arrived at Am Tiirmschen restaurant just in time to order. The restaurant was located in a stone building with wooden beamed ceiling, dimmed lightning and a great atmosphere.
Am Tiirmschen restaurant in Luxembourg
21.38 Got the local beer Battin Blonde and the house pâté with bread served.

21.44 The local specialty for Luxembourg, Kniddele, was served. They refer to it as a kind of pasta. They had three types, I chose the one with roquefort and walnuts.
Kniddele at Am Tiirmschen restaurant in Luxembourg
22.15 Walked around the old town, including the William Square. Since it was a weekday, the streets were more or less deserted, except outside the different bars that came up every now and then.
William Square in Luxembourg
22.38 Stopped at Konrad for an Okult beer (one of the recommended). The interior was a mix of cozy old-fashioned chairs and tables, and one of the walls was papered with floral pattern.

Konrad bar in Luxembourg1 Konrad bar in Luxembourg2
23.25 Returned back and made some plans for the next day.

00.09 Turned off the light to get some sleep.

08.40 Woke up and went for breakfast (included). Talked to the other travelers at our table in the breakfast room.

09.19 Took a shower. Due to the low water pressure, it took a bit longer than expected.

10.02 Checked out after repacking and organizing.

10.29 Stumbled upon the brewery in Clausen, regretting we did not see that yesterday.
Clausen area in Luxembourg
10.55 Walked passed Neumünster Abbey and Robert Krieps hall, continuing to Alzette bridge. Got amazed by the beauty along river down in Grund. The lovely houses, trees and flowers were reflected on the calm water, making it even more picture perfect! Took (according to my friend too) many photos. Walked further along the river.
Walking towards Neumünster Abbey and Robert Krieps hall in Luxembourg
Lovely houses and trees were reflected on the calm water in Grund in Luxembourg
Lovely houses, trees and flowers were reflected on the calm water in Grund in Luxembourg
Houses in Grund in Luxembourg

11.14 Took the elevator from Grund up to the upper town. Genius!
Overview of Grund in Luxembourg
Overview of Grund in Luxembourg2
11.39 Visited the tourist information, asking for one more place to see in Luxembourg. Getting great help from a very nice and informative woman.

11.52 Making our way back to the car, including some detours.
The area we stayed in Luxembourg
12.29 Driving towards Vianden.

13.22 Parked the car in Vianden and walked up to the castle. We bought a ticket and went in, but unless you have never been inside a castle before, or are especially interested in this one, the beautiful outside is enough.
Vianden in Luxembourg
House and castle in Viaden in Luxembourg
One of the rooms in the castle in Viaden in Luxembourg
Beer cellar in the castle in Viaden in Luxembourg

14.04 Walked down to the village with beautiful houses on both sides. Needless to say that a few photos were taken.
Viaden streets, Luxembourg2
Viaden streets, Luxembourg1
Viaden streets, Luxembourg3
Viaden streets, Luxembourg4
15.10 Left Vianden, absolutely happy that we did the detour.

15.58 Working our way through traffic out of Luxembourg.

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