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Get your bearings – rental car in the Balkans

Get your bearings – rental car in the Balkans

It was certainly not an easy task to find a rental company that would allow us to cross the borders of all the Balkan countries we planned to visit. Most of the big car rental companies like Avis and Hertz would exclude one or more of the countries. After trying several of the smaller companies as well, I finally found Milenium Car Rental.

As our plan was to go to Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia, we needed to find a company that would allow us to enter those countries without charging expensive extras. Milenium Car Rental had green card to all the countries we planned to visit. The only extra we had to pay was an additional insurance at the border to enter Kosovo, as they are not a part of the Green Card System.

We picked up the car at the Milenium Car Rental office in downtown Dubrovnik, and agreed to deliver it at the airport when we returned.

Since we are off to explore, and plan to try different small roads, we figured it would be wise to rent a GPS as well. We also bought some more detailed “old fashioned” road maps, just to be on the safe side…

Off we go!

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  • Hello! My boyfriend and I are thinking of doing a road trip along these lines, and were so happy to see that it’s possible to do so in one car. Can I ask though–was it much more expensive to rent through them? We’re looking at 3-4 weeks and everything was around 300-400, and with Milenium it was $850 before adding anything on at all. Just wondering if this seems normal to you?

    • Hi! You are up for a great holiday driving around this area! We paid 31€ per day for our car (cheapest category). We did it during Easter, so outside the main season. What other companies did you check that offered 3-400?

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